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Your Nationwide Antwerp Diamond Broker is a diamond professional skilled in grading and sourcing the very best diamonds right from the heart of the world’s diamond centre – Antwerp. Your Antwerp Diamond Broker will travel half way around the world to select the diamond of your dreams.

Antwerp Diamond Brokers may choose to have their diamonds laser engraved with their exclusive ADB logo and a security number for your protection. A secure database is maintained detailing the diamonds 4 C’s.



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Astralis by Gabi Tolkowsky
Diamonds with a remarkable character

Gabi Tolkowsky is the world’s most celebrated diamond cutter and sixth generation of the renowned Tolkowsky diamond dynasty.

In a remarkable career spanning over 50 years, Gabi has cut the world’s largest and most valuable diamonds including the De Beers Centenary diamond and the Golden Jubilee. In 2002, Gabi was knighted by the King of Belgium, with the title Chevalier de L’Ordre du Roi Leopold II, for his services to the diamond industry.

The remarkable Astralis diamond is Gabi Tolkowsky’s signature creation and features a unique star in every culet. This demonstrates the perfection of the cut and a unique facet arrangement, resulting in stones which are up to 30% brighter.

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©2015: Astralis






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For almost eight decades, Citizen has been ahead of its time. Our brand has always stood for innovations and high precision that make life better for everyday people and now we are raising our sights to meet the needs of the new Millennium.

Our History

Our beginnings go back to 1924, when Citizen’s forerunner, the Shokosha Watch Research Watch Institute produced its first pocket watch the “CITIZEN”. The then Mayor of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto, named the watch “CITIZEN” with the hope that the watch, a luxury item of those times, would become widely available to ordinary citizens and be sold throughout the world.

Time and again Citizen has pioneered groundbreaking technologies and helped to make watches an indispensable part of modern life. Introduced in 1956, Parashock was the first shock resistant watch made by a Japanese manufacturer. And three years later, Parawater was hailed as the country’s first water resistant watch.

One of the latest milestones is our Eco-Drive system. Bringing new thinking to the art of watchmaking, this is a light powered solution that eliminates the need to change batteries – a revolution that made it the first watch technology to receive the Japan Environment Association’s Eco Mark for environmentally friendly products.

citizen historyAnd in 2003, Citizen continues to evolve and be ahead of its time with the launch of Stiletto. This is the World’s thinnest light powered watch – a watch so revolutionary it combines eco-drive technology with a refined, sleek and sophisticated case and bracelet from 4.4mm thick.

Citizen is, however more diverse then simply watches. In fact watches only represent less than 40% of the company’s business. Today we are drawing on a heritage of proven quality and technologies as we develop the market for watches, clocks, jewellery, eyeglass frames and health care products.

The Citizen Watch Company, Ltd. was established in 1930. Citizen Watches NZ was established in 1975 with its Head Office in Auckland.

Citizen believes that delivering excellence is the key to building successful partnerships with retailers and consumers alike. Excellence in product, marketing and service is paramount, and the resources required to achieve excellence are viewed as investments, not costs.

Citizen looks forward to the challenges that the future will no doubt bring. Our guarantee is a commitment to continually strive and work towards an even more successful future for our retailers and consumers. Ready for further growth and progress, we are working harder than ever to explore new directions and contribute to changing lifestyles.



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Casio timepieces provide accurate time information anywhere, all the time. They boast rich functionality that provides users with a variety of useful data, not just the time. Casio aims to provide watches that allow people to expand their horizons and enjoy life more.

casio watch

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COEUR DE LIONIn 1987, the same year the company was founded, Carola Eckrodt presented her first creations using industrial parts at the Avantgarde exhibition in Munich, the then main trade fair for innovative fashion jewellery. Her partner Nils Eckrodt, who at the time had a holiday job with Mercedes-Benz, was able to supply the young designer with plenty of materials.

The Dusseldorf-based couturier Hanns Friedrichs, who became a style icon as outfitter to Joan Collins, took an interest in the fledgling company and bought the complete first collection, which in addition to gearbox parts also incorporated rubber, petrol hoses and alloy steel!

The designs became more refined but still based around a slightly industrial look.

A new process was employed alongside anodisation to deposit a protective oxidic coating just a few nanometres thick on the aluminium and thus protect the material from corrosion. The result was the first coloured anodised designs – in silver, gold, blue and red. The famous base material from 1987 is still used in Carola Eckrodt’s collections today. COEUR DE LION was the first German company to work diamond-cut anodised aluminium into silky, glittering jewellery.









In 2014 COEUR DE LION has been selected as the “Best Jewellery Brand 2014” at the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014, the most prestigious distinction in this sector in Great Britain. According to the jury, the deciding factors for this were a “primarily colourful and especially vivid brand” and the “impressive product variety”.

Carola continues to design this stunning and innovative jewellery, with around 100 people working in the Stuttgart studios creating and distributing COEUR DE LION. Carola’s collections are sold in over 1,500 selected stores in more than 30 countries around the world.










In the modern world, where there are so many must-haves it is reassuring to know that some things are above these ever-changing trends. Handmade jewellery from COEUR DE LION is timeless beyond measure. Carola Eckrodt’s creations marry clear, minimalist design with unusual colour combinations, making them both elegant and unconventional. This contrast gives jewellery from COEUR DE LION a timeless feel that will endure for years.

The use of high-grade materials and extremely precise craftsmanship give designer jewellery from COEUR DE LION an exceptionally long life. After all, you want enduring beauty to last. To guarantee this, the whole manufacturing process – from the initial design to the painstaking final quality check – takes place in our Stuttgart studios. That is the only way to translate Carola Eckrodt’s timeless designs into refined jewellery which its wearers will enjoy for years to come.








Every COEUR DE LION necklace and bracelet comes with a stainless-steel quality seal – your guarantee of carefully checked workmanship from our studios. Each jewellery box also contains a certificate of authenticity authorised by the stockist you buy from. This is our way of certifying that COEUR DE LION designer jewellery is of the highest quality and has been made to last.


Daniel Wellington

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Daniel Wellington Photo

Who is Daniel Wellington?

The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington, met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. The man had the inspiring ability to be genteel but still relaxed and unpretentious. He had an impeccable style and loved to wear his watches on old weathered NATO straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course.

A strong friendship emerged between the two, and our founder was inspired not only by the man’s many great life stories but also by his class and timeless style of fashion.

The preppy trend is bigger than ever before but we felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing and the Daniel Wellington team aims to fill that gap.

Our vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch.

When Filips line of watches then came to be launched, it was therefore no insecurity that the brand would be named after Daniel Wellington.


Hot Diamonds jewellery

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In February 2001, Hot Diamonds, a ground-breaking collection of sterling silver and diamond jewellery launched into the UK market. It was an overnight success, and rapidly established itself as one of the UK’s most desired jewellery brands. In 2002, Hot Diamonds ventured into the global arena and since then its international brand presence has grown exponentially. In 2002, Hot Diamonds ventured into the global arena and since then its international brand presence has grown exponentially.

Hot Diamonds photoHot Diamonds is currently represented in over 40 countries worldwide through an established network of distributors, retail partners and prestigious airlines. Hot Diamonds is also available throughout the UK in major department stores and major high street jewellers.

Hot Diamonds offers contemporary designs that are ageless and timeless in their appeal. The precious gift of a real diamond in every piece makes it a discerning choice for a self-treat or a gift to a loved one. Each stage in the design and development of Hot Diamonds jewellery is painstakingly undertaken, ensuring that craftsmanship and design integrity remain paramount.

Cutting edge marketing campaigns and advertising material, produced by world leading photographers continue to receive critical acclaim in the UK and global markets.

The brand’s success has been acknowledged by the jewellery industry. In 2001 and 2003, Hot Diamonds won the prestigious UK jewellery brand of the year and has been a finalist a further 5 times.

Hot Diamonds jewellery has a two year guarantee from the date of purchase, against manufacturing failure. Visit for further details or call 0508 566 300 for Hot Diamonds retailers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

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Karen Walker



Karen Walker is a New Zealand-born fashion designer with a reputation for her original, effortless and unassuming style. From Karens signature Runaway Girl Pendant to the sophistication & detail of her Minature collection, there is a wide range to tempt any one.

Her hand painted Enamel Pansy collection adds excitement and colour to her range. Karen Walker Jewellery has broad appeal with something to suit everyone, from rings, to pendants, intricate filigree cuffs and brooches.

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A showcase selection of the many hundreds of models, technologies and designs created each year, and sold through our dealer networks in Europe, Canada, South Africa, Fiji and Oceania. LORUS can satisfy the needs of the most devoted follower of fashion, quality and value, but if you do not see it here, then go direct to your local agent – the contacts section will help you track them down.

Lorus is one of the brands made and marketed by the world famous Seiko Watch Corporation who also make Pulsar watches, Seiko watches and Seiko and Lorus clocks.



Najo Mexico
Once upon a time in Mexico


“We love to create jewellery that plays in the space between unconventionality and timelessness. We believe in individualism and the joy in expressing who you are and how you feel. Our jewellery will weave its way into your consciousness and remain part of your story forever.”

Jo Tory, Founder of NAJO






… a young back-packer named Jo Tory was soaking up everything this vibrant country had to offer. Touched by its natural beauty, Jo discovered there was something inescapable about the spirit of Mexico. Its rich culture, born from a mixture of ancient traditions and Spanish influences, exhaled a captivating energy, so beautifully expressed in the exotic fiestas, brightly painted wall-murals and gloriously rich textiles. And it was back then, in 1986, that Jo discovered there was nothing more stunning than the way Mexico plays out in its jewellery. Gifted with some of the finest silver reserves in the world, Mexico’s rich mosaic of life, culture, arts, fashion and history was reflected in the divine jewellery pieces that wove their way into Jo’s consciousness and altered her path forever.


Najo JewelleryThe Najo journey begins
…with those first powerful stirrings in Mexico. It was there that an idea grew and blossomed into the entrepreneurial and creative expressions that have become synonymous with the NAJO brand. Every design, every piece of jewellery has been informed by the brand’s essence, encapsulated in its enduring mission statement: Self Expression by Design.

…and joyfully continues
Today, at NAJO, we are engaged in bringing a sense of joy to a growing band of individuals who use our jewellery to express themselves. But like the lives of the individuals who adorn themselves with our jewellery, we never stand still. Travelling through many continents – from vibrant India to exotic Africa, we gather inspiration and then combine our artisan silversmithing with the contemporary reflection of these cultures, bringing you two new unique collections every year. While every collection says something about who we are, it is how you interpret each piece in your life that truly inspires us. What you wear it with, what life-meaning you ascribe to it and how each piece makes you feel. Indeed, it may have started with Jo’s trip to Mexico 25 years ago, but what excites us most is that we are on a journey of endless possibilities – for you.



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“Always one step ahead of the rest”

This was the vision of, Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, and it has inspired their company through over a century of watchmaking. An unflagging quest to increase both the precision, utility and beauty of their watches has resulted in many world-firsts. In 1969 Seiko revolutionized the watchmaking industry with the Seiko Quartz Astron, the world’s first quartz watch. And in 2012, when they launched the Seiko Astron, the world’s first GPS solar watch, it was immediately recognized as the new global standard by markets worldwide.

As Seiko look forward to the next decade, their commitment to their founder’s vision will remain undiminished, but they aim to add a new, extra dimension to the watches they offer. As well as innovative technology and a finely honed approach to design, Seiko aim to create watches that have a strong emotional appeal and that will enrich the lives of their customers. Time is to be enjoyed and their aim is to touch people’s hearts worldwide, adding a touch of fun and excitement to their lives. These ideas come together in a new expression that will guide Seiko’s future. “Seiko. Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts.”

Seiko photo

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Worth & Douglas

Who are Worth and Douglas Logo

Worth & Douglas have been designing and crafting beautiful wedding rings for over 60 years.

As symbols of your love and commitment, your engagement and wedding rings are the centrepiece of your marriage ceremony. You want to be sure that the rings you choose today will stand the test of time for decades to come.

Every Worth 8. Douglas ring is made with meticulous craftsmanship and to the highest quality. This collection has been designed to offer a wide range of traditional and modern wedding rings to help you choose a style that reflects your personality and will endure overtime.

Who are Worth and Douglas Photo